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Studying economics, politics & journalism. Now business as CCO within online PR, web publishing, corporate blogs, ghostwriting, pers. coaching & social networks.
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Leisure-time activities – I like to enjoy my live, relaxing is quite important and in former days during my studies I liked to pose as a model, too. Sports? Sure, of course!
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My Dogs

My favourite dogs are Dobermanns and the Hungarian Sightdogs, the Magyar Agárs. I do a lot of sports with my dogs, i.e. CaniCross & Scootering.

Some pics of my 6 1/2 month old Magyar Agár Bitch EVITA, at home in April 2010
(after work >she is allowed to come with me in office)

EVITA with seven and a half months in May 2010

Here are some pics from Basle with DOBe ARAMIS in August 2008:

Hungarian Sightdog





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